"Heavy Metal Music" T-Shirt

How about a t-shirt that says how much you love heavy metal music? Or a t-shirt that ironically mocks heavy metal music t-shirts? This shirt is both.

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"Try Adventure" Comic

Try Adventure: Three comedic adventure comics in one? That's some much fun and adventure and good times! By Chris Andersen

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Everything Issue #2

Everything Issue #2: Sure, Everything #1 gave you everything you want to see in a comic, but this one gives you so much more. By Chris Andersen and Mark Hensley with cover art by Scott Longo.

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Everything Issue #1

The premiere issue of the comic that gives you everything you want to see in a comic, written and drawn by Chris Andersen and Mark Hensley. You'll love it.

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I'm Sorry: a collection of fifty comic strips

Here are fifty of the best of the black and white strips. This compilation is not the funniest, the first, the last, the best looking or the personal favorites and you know what? I'm sorry. Just click this link over to lulu.com and you can buy it through them.

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T-Shirt - The Squid holding his signature cup of coffee

Don't worry, you'll look great in it. Chris just has problems not looking like an asshole.

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The Christian Pirate Puppets: White, Manlike Structure...

In addition to the hilarious internet webcomic, Chris is in the band The Christian Pirate Puppets. Better than other bands, their albums are, logically, more worth buying. This is the first.

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The Christian Pirate Puppets: UnPruded

The new album takes that old CPP magic and brings it up to the next level. The secret: keyboards.

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Need to spruce up your home, office, or home office? How about buying some original artwork?

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